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Exceptional Products

Impregnated Core Drill Bits

The range of impregnated drill bits have been engineered to provide drillers with such a product that its qualities are those which drillers most care about, that is, high penetration rate and longest drill life. 

These bits are suitable for medium to hard formations.

  Here the balance of the hardness of diamond employed and the hardness of the matrix developed is the key factor that we consider while manufacturing to achieve the above goal.  The continuous wearing out of matrix to let the fresh edges of diamond function at the right time to  attain the desired performance is what we have been able to deliver to our customers in a smooth manner over the past decades. All thanks to our intensive and continuous R 'n' D on diamond grit selection and matrix enhancement.

We offer a variety of profiles.

Different series of impregnated Core Drill Bits are available in our catalogue thus ensuring that our knowledge of precise matrix selection can be utilised best in right choice of Impregnated Diamond Bit series.

Black(Series 10): Medium to Hard.

Blue(Series 12): Hard to Very Hard.

Golden(Series 14): Very Hard to Ultra Hard

Surface Set Core Bits

​Our years of experience in the selection of Best Diamond Grit in the World is the central strength of our team that gets best engaged while in the production of Surface Set Core Bits. These diamonds are arranged in accordance to the formations to get the coveted performance.

Casing Shoe Bits