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To cater to your needs in a variety of industries like Mineral Exploration, Geological Survey, Mining Industry, Oil and Gas Exploration etc. Our commitment to Research & Development made RAGHU DIAMONDS, the leading manufacturer and exporter of diamond core drilling bits and accessories.

Established in the year 2006, we at Raghu Diamonds can produce a variety of bits meeting DGDMA standards. Over the years we are focusing on the development of new technical and technological solutions. We supplied all the support in terms of customer service as well as continuous and innovative business proposals. All these factors have allowed us to expand in time to the constant evolution and expansion in the field. Our goal of maintaining pace with the steady development in the field has strengthened our manufacturing facility with the latest machinery like Cold Isostatic press, Vacuum Furnace, Atmosphere Furnace, CNC Machines etc. Core and attention to every single detail together with the selection of high-quality raw materials and production process is our basic strength. The quality standard and product consistency are maintained using sophisticated inspection, measurement and equipment. Our product range includes bits of every size and for every kind of deposit from Soft to tough formation. Our wireline series bits are widely acceptable in mineral exploration like iron, and copper. uranium, granite etc. and the same go for PDC Bits for Oil and gas Industries.

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